I had never actually watched the popular pixar movie before so I didn't know what the dish even was until I watched @chefsteps video on how to make ratatouille. It looked incredible but also like a lot of work so I kept putting it off. Then one day I made a QFC run and bit the bullet after spotting some sick looking chinese eggplant that actually came from Mexico. I really wanted to get my monies worth for that mandolin I picked up. I wasn't stoked on how thin the french fry setting is though so I'm still over here cutting up my fries like a muggle. 

Start with the shingles. They consist of chinese (mexican) eggplant, zukes, yellow squash and tomatoes. Fucking tomatoes. Tomatoes that are supposed to be blanched and sliced impossibly thin. FUN FACT: You can't take a peeled tomato to the mandolin cause it's impossible to handle once peeled. I didn't properly blanch the tomatoes cause I never have ice on hand and my kitchen knife is just not sharp enough to get the desired effect. You can tell I didn't have enough tomato slices to cover the entire dish hence only the inner ring having tomatoes but maybe no one would have noticed if I called this out but I want to have it on record that I messed up. I messed up and kept going. 

Po' in some olive oil on the bottom of a 10x10 baking dish of your choice. Spread one can of tomato paste along the bottom of the dish. Sprinkle 1/2 a chopped onion and a 1/4 cup of garlic. At this point you season with salt and pepper. I then sprinkled some fresh thyme leaves. Not too many but just enough to get that smell going.

Now you can start layering the shingles. I'm not gonna lie guys this part sucked  but you eventually find your rhythm. I ended up repeating the pattern of colors in my head to remember cause I can't focus for squat. Once you finish with the shingles you drizzle with some more olive oil. Season with salt, pepper and some more fresh thyme leaves and cover with parchment paper. Throw that shit into an oven that you preheated to 375° back when you were finishing up the layers for 45 minutes.

At this point you can drizzle some more olive oil and check for seasoning. I served it up with some crunchy bread and topped it with MARSCAPONE CHEESE. My first time ever using marscapone and it blew my mind. Has this insane creamy texture. Like the halfway between sour cream and cream cheese. This recipe somehow takes a dish for muggles and transforms it into a meal fit for a goddamn king. Make it with a friend. Experiment with other foods. Don't worry if you fuck up like I did. It'll work itself out and if it doesn't you can try again another day. 


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