Welcome home Paco

A few months ago Erica and I were chilling on Alki Beach and we were actually on our way to go check out the Humane Society to adopt a pooch. Before we left the beach we got a video call from my family in Mexico and my uncle told me about his pug that just had a litter(?) and asked if I would be interested in taking in one of the pups. I looked over at Erica and we both nodded in agreement that we would take him as our own. 

Fast forward to now and he's been under our roof for a week and he's managed to only now master peeing AROUND the wee wee pads we lay out for him. $50 worth of toys later and he prefers to chew on my white Vans. Damn Paco. He's just a lil ball of energy and sweetness. People always comment on how mellow he is for being only 4 months but that's all a front he puts on until we get home. 

We made the mistake of leaving him in his kennel while we made a coffee run only too return to him passed out on his doggie bed covered in his own shit. It appeared he had some sort of meltdown and had a nervous poo, ran around and passed out. After some googling we found that some pugs experience separation anxiety and that they are fairly claustrophobic. So we're now working on other ways to ease him into being by himself because there will definitely be days where we'll be both gone for hours on end cause of work or other reasons. Lil dude is so attached and it's hard to ignore that sweet lil face but we're working on it and I think we've made good progress.

This whole post has actually been a good exercise for me on ignoring him. Aside, from me being paranoid of him pissing/shitting on the carpet I've managed to ignore him pretty well. I snapped at him for chewing on my shoes and he's now laying on his doggie bed giving me the sweetest guilt-tripping eyes I've ever seen. But it's time about that time for him to go outside to try and eliminate. If anyone has any puppy raising pro-tips we're all ears! Leave some comments below.